Introducing B.E.R.T.

Buildable Educational Robot Toolkit


Our robot kits cost a fraction of traditional creative building kits. We use off the shelf parts to keep component prices low.

LEGO® Compatible

Use your existing collection of LEGO parts to connect and expand your robot components. Our components are compatible with standard and technics bricks.

3-D Printable

Got a 3-D printer? Just download and print our robot parts . . . or design your own! With a 3-D printer, you can print parts on demand if they break or get lost.

Open Source

All our robot 3-D models and software are open source and free to download. Head to our downloads page to access the code and 3-D model files.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Our robot kits can be programmed and controlled through Wi-Fi enabled devices. No specialized controllers or device-specific apps are needed!

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